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About Us

Top Decor Club's Core Values

At Top Decor Club, we believe that our relationship with you begins from the moment we connect with your home. We are dedicated to enhancing your business, offering not just high-quality, best-in-class home decor and infrared Sauna products, but also serving you the best products for your home luxury and convenience! 


We take pride in being an authorized dealer of premium sauna brands like SunRay Sauna. Our company is dedicated to providing our customers with the finest selection of top-quality saunas, and partnering with SunRay Sauna allows us to offer products of exceptional craftsmanship and performance. As an authorized dealer, we uphold the brand's commitment to excellence, ensuring that each sauna we offer is constructed with the finest materials and adheres to the highest standards of durability and design.


Our core company values shape everything we do:

  1. Uncompromising Excellence: We hold ourselves to the highest standards in every aspect, from response times and punctuality to professionalism and website design. At Top Decor Club, we are committed to delivering excellence in all that we do.

  2. Entrepreneurial Spirit: We foster a culture of ownership and encourage all leaders to take charge of their decisions and forge their own path. We don't simply train and grow employees; we nurture and develop leaders.

  3. Boldness: We inspire our leaders to step out of their comfort zones, explore new experiences, and implement newfound knowledge within our business. We empower our team to believe in themselves relentlessly.

  4. Swift and Systematic Execution of Goals: We tackle challenges promptly, efficiently, and with a methodical approach. When issues arise, we are there to provide swift resolutions.


  1. Our Customers: Your satisfaction is our foremost responsibility. We are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience, from the first interaction to product fulfillment. Our product selection focuses on the highest quality offerings in each category, and we provide relevant educational materials through our online presence, social media channels, weekly blogs, and emails, all aimed at improving your business.

  2. Our Employees: We value the choices and preferences of our employees. We recognize and reward your dedication and effort while offering opportunities for continuous self-improvement and skill development. Professional growth is at the heart of our company, and we aim for fair compensation, emphasizing team success alongside individual achievements. We foster an open environment for suggestions, creating a meritocratic culture that drives brand improvement. Additionally, we provide excellent paid time off, insurance policies, and treat every employee with utmost respect.

  3. Our Brand Partners: We consider our brand partners as integral to our responsibility. We actively promote their products and services while maintaining prompt, organized, and efficient order submission processes. We prioritize quick and professional resolutions for any supplier-related issues, ensuring strong and collaborative relationships.

  4. The Global Community: We believe in the responsibility of every individual within Top Decor Club to strive for personal growth and become the best version of themselves. By doing so, we aim to spread a positive influence to everyone we encounter. Our team embodies professionalism, respect, hard work, and excellence. Our goal is to ensure that every interaction with Top Decor Club leaves a positive impact on your day.

We are here to assist you

We understand the challenges of purchasing the best commercial tools, and we are here to help. If you encounter any issues, please reach out to us via our 24/7 chat support or e-mailing us at We continually stay informed about our products, industry trends, and the latest developments to provide you with up-to-date information and guidance for making wise purchasing decisions. Our wide range of products includes everything from our favorite Napoleon Grills to commercial griddles.

Superior Quality

When you choose Top Decor Club, you can trust that you are purchasing the highest quality products from trusted manufacturers. Each of our partners has a long-standing reputation for reliability and durability, ensuring that every product you receive meets the highest standards. Additionally, all products come with a manufacturer's warranty, providing you with added peace of mind.

Why Choose Top Decor Club
Compelling Reasons to Opt for Top Decor Club

1. Free Shipping: Elevate your shopping experience with Top Decor Club's commitment to free standard shipping on all of our products. No more unexpected fees during checkout!

2. Tax-Free Shopping*: At Top Decor Club, the price you see is the price you pay excluding state of Alabama*.

3. 90-Day Price Assurance: Our pledge to you is the lowest online prices for all our products. Discover a product at a lower price elsewhere? We'll match it!

4. Expert Customer Support: Our team of specialists is on standby via phone, email, or live chat to provide comprehensive assistance. Count on us to offer clear information, unwavering support, and expert guidance at every stage of your shopping journey.

5. Manufacturer's Warranty: As authorized dealers for all our featured brands, rest easy knowing that each product you purchase from us comes complete with the full manufacturer's warranty.

6. Swift Order Processing: With Top Decor Club, your orders are usually dispatched within 2 business days. We enhance your peace of mind with email confirmations and tracking IDs as soon as your order is en route.

7. Secured Payments: Your security is paramount to us. That's why Top Decor Club employs state-of-the-art SSL encryption on all pages, content, and data, ensuring your online shopping experience is safe and secure.

8. Seamless Shopping Experience: From product selection to safe delivery and setup, Top Decor Club accompanies you throughout your entire shopping journey.

9. Unbeatable Price Assurance: Our priority is to offer you the most competitive personal prices. Connect with us, and we'll be thrilled to assist you!

10. Effortless Returns & Comprehensive Shipping Coverage: Each shipment is fully insured in case of loss or damage. Explore our Shipping & Returns section for an in-depth understanding of our policy.

11. 100% Secure Online Shopping: Embrace worry-free online shopping with our cutting-edge SSL encryption technology. If you prefer the personal touch, don't hesitate to call us at [phone number] to place your order over the phone.



Phone: 205-462-7290